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Sunset, Kanab Creek Wilderness, photo by Curt


  You've found the personal web site for Ann Kruse and Curt Mobley.   Enter below to see some of Curt's photography, read about our adventures, link to our favorite sites, read Curt's musings about the state of the world (which are pretty scary—mature viewers only!), and learn what we do when we're at the office.   Enjoy!

 September 2005 

  In August, Ann and Curt survived one of their best adventures ever:  a sea kayaking expedition in southeast Greenland.  Check out some of Curt's photos of sea kayaking in Greenland and read his Greenland trip report.

  July wasn't bad either:  Curt's Sierra Club trip this year was rafting the Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers in the Yukon, British Columbia, and Alaska.  Check out the associated Tat-Alsek slide show.

  It is well known that Curt reads a book a week, so people are always asking him for his book recommendations.  Here is a starter list for you, with more to come later.

Note: Some things in my web site require scripts, ActiveX controls, and pop-up windows.  If something doesn't display properly, it's probably because you have one of those features blocked in your browser settings.

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